Friday, December 19, 2008

Art Classes

"The 3D Box"
Lessons in creating 3D patterns project.
Part of the program I developed for this years art project ,is to introduce students to creating 3D planes on boxes and cubes using paint to create light and dark shades to describe space.

I was asked to join the annual V.A.L.S. art program again this year [V.AL.S. stands for Visiting Artists in Lambton Schools]...It is nice to be invited back and to share my visual art theory and projects at the public school level, to me this is a crucial age to get children involved in learning art stuff!
I hope to bring in challenging and dynamic lessons and projects for kids, there minds are open and need to be exposed to the vast information to inspire them creativly.
Children perhaps are underestimated on their abilities and can learn art lessons that are usually only taught at the secondary school level, I believe its because of the nature of the lessons themselves,designed for direct sensory connection to the 5 senses , that children learn first from, its not subject to abstract subjective pondering, either it looks or sounds, inspiring or not. either the lesson is understood or not being focused or inspired is its measure of success on the students reapplication, from that which was taught through application.
This may be key in connecting with the information, also the immediate sensory experience becomes a tangible thing that has application and laws... this goes for all manner of things, from learning to play an instrument to building a bird house.
Hands on projects are key in teaching I believe.
Art is a language, it communicates many things as does written language, yet transcends words that are mere symbols for things or ideas that may still be subjective, unknown or lost through time/ tradition.
I present ideas through projects based on visual principals.

Therefore I see the visual arts education as a real hands on skills development and visually formatted teaching platform, and hope to develop with the schools, programs that get results and inspire students and teachers alike.