Monday, February 16, 2009

Cube Project and Focusing

This photo is from this years V.A.L.S. art classes in elementary schools of Lambton area, I challenged the students with duplicating the cube design and painting the different planes ,with different shades . The project was about developing awareness of staying focused on drawing the cube and connecting pattern, this requires focus to to get best results and a good brain exercise to develop hand /eye skills , which is the first hurdle a student faces, to draw what they intend, for this project , keeping a uniform pattern made of vertical, horizontal and all same angle lines, this proved and revealed much about each students level!
for the most part the girls had the best results, with uniform patterns ,and clean painting skills, also there is a connection between those with good results and keeping focused or quiet! the boys seemed to be more social or less focused on a single idea,...which is crucial for any learning,I think that boys and girls need to be educated separately and with different approaches for the most part.
However there are usually a few , either boy or girl that do exceptional and go beyond any expectations outlined in the project and take it to the next level,[this probably relates to natural abilitity and should be acknowledged.]
which is a logical process when these skills are absorbed or fully understood and are applied, this tells much of a students level and potential in focusing and comprehending these visual theories taught through application and for immediate application creating the necessary expieriece which instills the lessons in memory.