Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coming Aug 4 - 14 Childrens art classes at Gallery Lambton

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Link to Gallery Lambton Sarnia art classes, Individual workshop topics and dates available soon.

Art Start
, get a head start on art fundamentals.

Introducing budding artists essential visual art principals,designed to help beginners overcome obstacles that they may face on the road to their creative expression.
Topics include perspective, creating light and shadow, mixing and finding all colours using the colour wheel , creating 3D design, and painting introduction with acrylics.
Workshops are comprised of lecture, demostration and a final dynamic student project encompassing the days lesson.
These 9 workshops of 2 hours each may be taken individually or all together for a more comphrehensive whole in early art education.Projects are suited to all age levels.
My belief concerning teaching children "art stuff" is that the arts are a universal language, and like language becomes more refined and fluent when introduced as early as possible.GO TO MORE INFO HERE