Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bluewater Health Childrens Murals

News from Skots studio

This summer  I have been preoccupied with painting a series of murals I designed earlier in the year for the new children s ward at the new Bluewater Health Hospital Sarnia Ont, I was happy to accept the job sponsored thru  the Bluewater Hospital Foundation  that accepts private donations from individuals , corporations and groups  etc...
I was asked to design and paint several interior murals , I thought a series that reflected the ideals of  helping or caring for each other were relevant so I married that ideal with animal images always a hit with children, I enjoyed designing and drawing the concepts for each mural and it felt a little like  illustrating a children s book , the Foundation and sponsor approved all the drawings  notably the initial drawing for the mother giraffe and calf  titled " Mothers Support" sealed the deal { final mural  inset approx. 5' x 7 ' acrylic }
I was pleased with the smooth working relations and pleasant working environment within the new hospital  with lots of natural light and friendly staff forever encouraging me along with lots of positive feedback.
I am honored to be part of this new children s ward for it encapsulates two important things to me, one being children s well being and the other our wonderful Canadian health care model that has been there for my family in difficult times, I think the addition of art works within any public space esp. a hospital can be very soothing ,inspiring and healing for it is created out of that within  us that extends out to others and expresses notions of human passion and union, gifts we share with our self and others that make our world a little more brighter.
Skot  July 31 MMX