Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Night Mare Before Christmas Mural

News from Skots studio

After completing the 10 Children s murals for BlueWater Health I was asked to paint some residential murals for a  young family with two children they love movies and wanted for their basement theatre room A mural depicting  Tim Burtons animated movie A Night Mare Before Xmas,
I gathered all their favorite characters from the movie and created a composition that enabled me to put them all together in one panoramic scene, I found that the opening scene of the movie although brief  carried that , its the scene where in Hallow Eve town they celebrate the birth of the Pumpkin Master, or something along those lines...anyways it was fun and they liked it so much they asked for more murals  around the house, I wonder what kind of influence this will have on the children as they grow up in this house full of creativity , Iam posting a preview....