Monday, July 7, 2008

Artist Statement " Things Hidden and Revealed exhibit 2007

Entrance to Gallery Lambton featuring my exhibit
"Things Hidden and Revealed"

November 7 to December 8,2007

Artist Statement

I am presenting a series of new paintings, for me they have captured the feeling of an inviting and hypnotizing landscape abound with crevices, nooks and sunfilled caverns, revealing some secret hidden spot. Viewing all the paintings together I recognized a common thread and also my creative process was revealed. Simply put: As the paintings express I am continualy being drawn into and inspired by the mysterious world of nature.
I believe that mystery, stirs my imagination which is my creative self, and this is the state of mind where my little discoveries or ideas are realized, and with new discoveries come new mysteries which completes the cycle.
Offering an infinite source of new imaginative thinking, So in essence, although the paintings are pure fantasy imaginings (daydreamscapes), inspiration is rooted in the natural world. I may not have discovered any of mother natures secrets, but I enjoyed painting them and I may have discovered something about myself.

Skot MacDougall November 2007